Salted Tahini Smoothie Bowl

The Salted Tahini Smoothie Bowl is back by popular demand, finding a regular spot on our seasonal summer menu. Think of this bowl as part smoothie bowl, part ice cream bowl…it’s like indulging in a big bowl of ice cream without the energy comedown. It offers a perfect blend of sweet and salty, and is nice and cooling for the warm, sunny days of summer. 

Beyond its amazing flavour, this bowl packs some really high quality nourishment. The creamy base is made up of banana, tahini, almond milk, ice, salt, cinnamon, maca, maple syrup and date. It’s topped with TurF’s  house made granola, sliced banana and sesame seeds for the perfect blend of smoothness and crunch. Let’s highlight some of these ingredients and all the nutritional support they offer:

  • Bananas are an excellent source of potassium (great for post sweaty sesh to replenish electrolytes) and fibre
  • Salt adds electrolytes to replenish after a sweaty meta class – electrolytes are so important in regulating our cellular function and helping our body absorb and utilize water
  • Cinnamon adds a warm flavour that balances the cool and creamy base, and helps regulate blood sugar to prevent a spike and crash in energy
  • Tahini is a paste made from ground sesame seeds, and is packed with healthy omega 3 fats, calcium, iron, and magnesium. Sesame seeds are often incorporated to help regulate a menstrual cycle through “seed cycling”, so integrating tahini and/or sesame seeds can be very supportive for hormone healing
  • Maca is a herb that is known to promote energy, stamina and libido; it’s often recommended as part of a hormone healing protocol, notably integrated for transitioning through menopause
  • Dates are a great source of natural sweetness and high in fibre, which our gut microbes love. The fibre also keeps our blood sugar response regulated to keep energy levels stable

Enjoy the Salted Tahini Smoothie Bowl the next time you’re in for breakfast, brunch, or dinner if you’re in a breakfast-for-dinner kinda mood. We love dishes that elevate our taste buds while upgrading our cellular health, and this bowl is a great example of just that. It leaves you feeling refreshed, satiated and energized – it doesn’t get much better than that.