When it comes to ingredient lists – in both beauty & skincare or foods – if you’re having difficulty pronouncing or recognizing an ingredient, this will likely be true for your body and organs, too.

There are so many sources of toxins and pollutants that we are exposed to – pollution, pesticides sprayed on food and traveling in the air, chemicals in water, microplastics, mold in old homes, packaging that leaches into products…ugly stuff. So, when we have the opportunity to select clean products or food, it’s a very good idea to integrate to give your liver and the environment that much less to have to process. The health of our air, soils and water is a direct reflection of the health of our own inner ecosystems as a collective, and if we each take small and manageable steps to eliminate toxins, we collectively can make a big impact. This looks like shopping consciously and supporting brands who are doing the good work to bring clean alternatives into our home, food and self care products, to name a few.

Let’s hone in on the concept of clean beauty, which is defined as personal care products that are free from chemicals and additives deemed harmful for humans or the environment. This is an amazing place to start when looking to detoxify your life and support your detoxification processes, as about 60% of what we put on our bodies is absorbed directly into our bloodstream and tended to by the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system etc. Clean beauty, sadly, has become a bit of a buzzword, so it’s important to do your research and read ingredient lists yourself to ensure things look natural and recognizable. One thing to note: the ingredient “natural scent” or “natural flavour” can be umbrella terms for a lot of questionable and unregulated ingredients, so keep an eye out for that. It should also be noted that 90% of ingredients in cosmetics have not been tested, so turning to high quality, clean brands who have a passion for your health and the environment is your safest bet (most website’s will explain their stance and mission on their about pages).

At TurF, we have a few products we love and trust that are certified clean. In the warmer months, we love Salt & Stone sunscreen and deodorant for their clean ingredients and effectiveness. Finding sun and stink protection that is clean yet works is no easy feat, so we’re really excited about these two products which we stock in the shop and bring on the go between workouts and the beach. They smell amazing, too.

We also recently stocked the TurF shop with High End Hippie shampoo and conditioner bars. They are bars of soap that suds up, clean and condition your hair, without the waste of plastic packaging or any harsh chemical ingredients. They are perfect for travel as the bars are quick to dry for easy packing (no running the risk of your shampoo bottle leaking all over your luggage…the worst). The ingredients are natural and from the earth (think milky oats, lavender, lemongrass, rosemary), and 1 bar replaces upwards of 2 250mL plastic bottles of shampoo. It’s also locally made with herbal infusions locally foraged, which we love to support, and every 2 bars purchased plants a tree!

Swing by the shop or browse our online store to learn more about our other clean beauty products, including our favourite makeup rms beauty, and a vitamin D infused lip balm we can’t get enough of.  

- Trilby