our workout philosphy

TurF is a Daily Practice

We believe in growth, so each class is designed to challenge our bodies in a specific way for the best possible results.  Our classes systematically work together to create a strong, energetic and connected body. 

TurF Studio Pricing

$150/month | The TurF'r Membership
Unlimited classes and discounts. Learn about the perks.

$200 | TurF Studio 10 Pack

$25 | TurF Studio Drop-in

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TurF x A La Ligne Pricing

$300 | TurF'r Plus Membership
Unlimited access to the TurF Studio, Digital Studio, and all TurF x A La Ligne Classes. Learn about TurF'r perks.

$325 | TurF x A La Ligne 10 Pack

$35 | TurF x A La Ligne Drop-in

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Digital Studio Pricing

Free | 7-Day Trial
New students get unlimited live stream & on-demand workouts

$50/month | Monthly Unlimited Membership
Unlimited live stream & on-demand workouts

$400/year | Annual Digital Membership
Unlimited live stream & on-demand workouts

$12.50 | Live Stream Drop-in
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meta means a change of state. Built to the beat of music, our meta classes will do just that - change the state of your mind and body.

Choose from meta SCULPT, meta CARDIO, and meta POWER.



Designed to lengthen, strengthen and carve the body through intelligent sequencing and compound movements to challenge each muscle group for maximum results.

meta SCULPT: weights + bands

meta SCULPT: ankle weights

meta SCULPT: core



Designed to move the body physically and energetically, work the heart and lungs and increase endurance. These classes will leave you energized and get the endorphins pumping.

FULL meta




Designed to make an impact. These classes incorporate equipment to push current boundaries and build capacity within your mind and body. Power is the result.



Our Offering

Ways to get in

There are several ways to experience a TurF workout from in-person to digital classes.

TurF Studio

Have the space to complement your workout. Explore movement in uniquely designed classes at TurF Kitsilano and TurF Downtown.

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TurF x A La Ligne

A progressive strength program and collaboration combining the art of strength and pilates to transform the way you connect to your body and self.

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Digital Studio

Moving together from anywhere. Tune into a live stream class with your favourite teacher and friends. Or, browse our members-only library of workout videos.

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