Dads + Dudes (free workout inside)

Dads and Dudes – the TurF Studio is for you, too.

Let’s face it – a TurF class, at first glance, can seem intimidating. Whether you’re walking by the patio and peer in to see 30+ humans doing jumping jacks in unison, or you’re looking through the bistro windows to see a dance party going on beneath, it can seem like a lot. When someone is hesitant to come to a class for the first time, common phrases include “oh but I don’t have rhythm”, “these knees can’t handle it”, “I’m not a dancer”, “I don’t have the stamina”, “will I be the only dude?!”...etc. Well, we’re here to expand your understanding of the TurF Studio and challenge some of these statements. There really is something for everyone on the schedule, and, no, rhythm or dance experience is definitely not required. Every class plays with a balance of masculine and feminine energy through the music and movement sequencing, leaving you feeling balanced physically and energetically.

Let’s say that meta – our signature class designed to strengthen the cardiovascular system – is not your vibe. You’re not so keen on jumping around or having a “dance party”. We respect that, and want you to know there are plenty of other classes on the schedule that build strength, length, endurance, prevent injury, feel good, and are ideal for all levels of fitness.

Core: This is TurF take on a Pilates class, weaving in lots of abdominal work and stability work that gets you feeling spicy head to toe with no impact and minimal sweat. We love this class to support a deep core connection, promote shoulder strength and mobility, glute activation and flexibility…all things that support us in our tennis, golf, rock climbing, running, cycling, volleyball, or any physical activity or sport for that matter. Find this class on the schedule all day Wednesday and sprinkled into the weekend, too.

Strength: As the name suggests, this class is all about conditioning the body to handle more load and build stamina with weights. Full body with some HIIT, it’s a well-rounded class that supports joint and bone health and, similar to core, helps you perform in all of your activities off of the mat. Find this class offered all day Tuesday with Taren, Anna and Clem, all incredible instructors who will keep you feeling challenged and safe.

Impact Running x TurF Strength class: This class is designed to prevent injury in runners by building strength through full body work, however this can be applied to any activity where cardio or impact is involved – from volleyball to cycling and everything in between. A blend of movements (many of which you might not think to do on your own) will be offered to get the body moving well and resilient to injury. This is a special collab class offered every Friday morning with Kyle, who is passionate about biomechanics and a soon-to-be physio student, so you’re in great hands!

So now that you know some of our amazing, well-rounded offerings, we wanted to give you a bit more insight into meta, our signature cardio class, because it offers so many benefits and, above all else, is a great time.

Meta: This class is designed to elevate your heart rate and build lung capacity. We blend cardio sequences with deep muscle work (think lunges, squats, core, upper body) so you leave feeling invigorated, strengthened and vibrant. The class is music driven and you can expect some of the best playlists in the city. And if dancing or freestyle isn’t your thing, no sweat – you can always keep things low to the ground with no impact, go for a little jog on the spot, or squat it out (but definitely give the dancing a try…you may just surprise yourself).

We hope this was helpful in getting to know TurF’s Studio offerings a little better, and to reiterate, there really is something for everyone! 

FATHER'S DAY WORKOUT: Sunday, June 19th at 8:15am

Bring your father-figure, partner, or anyone that exudes a ‘masculine-vibe’ to this class for free! Sign yourself up, send an email to with the name + email of who you’re bringing + we will add them in for free. 

We can’t wait to move with you,

Xo Trilby