The next three days are about taking care – physically, emotionally and energetically. We’ve got your nourishment covered with some beautiful and delicious meals to carry you through and replenish your cells, and we’ve included some tools and techniques to incorporate into each day, which you’re encouraged to adopt and weave into your day to day routine. 

If you can, avoid caffeine and processed foods/sugars – if your morning coffee is important to you, try decaf, or, have your caffeinated drink and pair with an extra glass of water as caffeine is dehydrating.


Please reference this blog post to learn about the focus and benefits of your curated meals for the next three days. 

DAY 1:

Breakfast: PB + J chia pudding with berry compote + immunity shot

Lunch: Tabbouleh salad with green lentils, kale, fresh herbs, tomatoes, red onion, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil topped with sunflower seeds and tofu feta

Snack: Green juice

Dinner: Greens All Day with tempeh steak or salmon ft., lemon ginger sautéed greens, steamed broccoli, pea shoots, hemp, chia and pumpkin seeds, lemon tahini dressing, smashed avocado and quinoa or brown rice

Nightcap: Ginger turmeric tea

Ingredient spotlight: cabbage, kale, cauliflower and garlic are all very fibrous (which our gut microbes thrive off of) and are rich in sulfur, a mineral necessary for glutathione, our master antioxidant, to do its work and keep inflammation in check.  


DAY 2:

Breakfast:  Chocolate avocado mousse topped with berries and almond crumble + immunity shot

Lunch: Winter slaw with nappa cabbage, bok choy, green and black kale, spicy baked tofu, kimchi, gomashio (sesame seeds and nori), ginger sesame dressing

Snack: 3 protein balls

Dinner: Coconut lentil stew with brown rice

Nightcap: Ginger turmeric tea

Ingredient spotlight: green lentils, kale, broccoli, pea shoots and quinoa/brown rice are all very fibrous (which our gut microbes thrive off of) and help our body with elimination. We can think of fibre as a scrub brush for the colon and a vehicle to bind to and carry toxins out of the system.  


DAY 3:

Breakfast: Salted tahini bowl with banana, date, maca, cinnamon, salt and tahini, almond milk topped with berry compote, coconut, and homemade granola 

Lunch: Butternut squash soup with almond crumble and Eve’s crackers

Snack: 3 protein balls

Dinner: Big Energy salad with greens, quinoa, beets, yam, squash, white beans, and a lemon tahini dressing

Nightcap: Ginger turmeric tea

Ingredient spotlight: Tahini is a creamy seed based paste that is high in calcium and iron and a source of healthy fats and protein. Maca is an adaptogen known for supporting energy and mood and is especially useful for navigating menopause and/or low libido. Tempeh is another fermented food that we love for our gut health. It’s also high in protein which will promote longer satiety with the vegetable based noodle (in contrast, if we opted for a veggie bolognese with classic pasta, we’d experience a spike and more drastic crash of our blood sugar, which leads to hunger shortly after eating). 


Upon waking up: Drink 2 big glasses of lukewarm water, with or without lemon

**avoid checking your phone for the first 15-30 minutes of your day**

Take pause: Find a comfortable seat on a mat or your couch with a blanket and practice a 4,7,8 breath for the duration of this song – inhale for 4, hold at the top for 7, and exhale for 8. This breath pattern helps stimulate our digestive system, and the longer exhale calms the nervous system. 

After your breath-work, journal a response to the following prompts – feel free to light a candle or burn your favourite incense to ritualize this experience: 

DAY 1:

What am I grateful for that happened yesterday?

What am I excited about for today?

What am I grateful for that’s nearby in this moment?

DAY 2:

When do I feel the most alive?

What brings me joy?

What’s one thing I can do today to fill my energetic cup?

DAY 3:

What is a narrative I am carrying that is weighing me down?

Who would I be without that narrative or thought and how would I navigate life?


Time to knock back your immunity shot! 

If you can, get outside at sunrise for 2-3 minutes (even if it’s cloudy!) to expose the retinas to sunrise wavelengths of light. These signal the body to wakeup, like an espresso shot without the comedown!

Throughout the day, aim to consume 2 large glasses of room temp or lukewarm water between your reset meals – ensure you’re hydrating 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after your meal (why? If we consume water with our meal it can dilute our stomach acid and prevent adequate breakdown of food, therefore preventing proper nutrient absorption). Have your last glass of water an hour before bed. 

Take pause: Sit tall, eyes closed or soft and take 3-5 deep smooth breaths before each meal to put the body in a state of rest & digest. 

If possible, give your body 5-10 minutes of gentle movement after each meal – this could look like a walk around the block, doing laundry or cleaning, playing with a pet or kids etc, or my personal favourite, put on a favourite song and groove around your kitchen as you clean up. Movement causes our muscles to soak up excess glucose from our blood stream, which has a regulating effect on our blood sugar. This keeps our energy levels feeling stable throughout the day and supports healthy weight management. 

After dinner, enjoy your ginger tea to support digestion and calm. 

At 8pm, start to dim your lights and get cozy. Light some candles, turn off overhead lights, wear blue blocker glasses if you have them, and give your body the space to start to release melatonin for a restful and detoxifying sleep. Maybe take an epsom salt bath, or soak your feet in warm water if you’re prone to feeling chilled/have cold feet in the winter (this can be so supportive for sleep!)

Take pause: On your own or with a partner or housemate, reflect on these three questions:

What went well today?

What am I grateful for?

What could have gone better?

Optional: When you crawl into bed, consider applying sleep tape to encourage nasal breathing. Most of us are mouth breathers when we sleep, which can prevent us from entering restorative sleep, increases mouth bacteria and tooth decay, and over time alters our face shape (especially for children). If you’re curious, you can pick up medical tape from a local drug store and place a postage size piece over your lips when you sleep. For some, this can be a total game changer for their sleep quality. If you want to learn more about the importance of nasal breathing for reducing anxiety, improving sleep and supporting immunity, give this podcast a listen with James Nestor. 

Additional supplements to consider:

  • Rainbo 11:11 tincture – add to your water first thing and before bed for whole body support via medicinal mushrooms
  • Nettle tea – you can buy dried nettle at Finlandia or Gaia Garden – it’s the multivitamin of herbs and is incredibly nutritious! You can steep 2-3 tbsp in 1 litre of hot water overnight and sip throughout the day as a room temperature tea
  • Apple cider vinegar – taking 1 tsp in a shot of water 5 minutes before each meal helps regulate blood glucose and preps stomach acid for proper digestion and bile release from the liver

Podcast listens to learn and be inspired

We hope you enjoy your three days of meals and rituals – may it set the tone for a nourishing February and Spring!


Trilby, Kyra + team TurF