The benefits of TurF's Three Day Meal Plan

The intention of the 3 day meal plan is to deeply nourish the cells and set the conditions for healing (which our body is innately designed to do). This 3 day reset will focus on replenishing nutrients, reducing inflammation, and supporting the liver (detox!) and immune system. There will be an emphasis on adding things versus eliminating, although it is recommended that processed sugars, foods that come in packaging and caffeine and alcohol be removed. The goal is not to lose weight or cleanse, rather to improve energy and clarity so the body can thrive. You’ll receive three days of meals as well as tools to elevate your state for each day of the reset. You can take these practices and ritualize them as you like into your day to day routine. 

The meals we’ve created are colourful, anti-inflammatory and deeply nourishing. Think of this as a three day leveling up for your cells. The meals are hearty and divided into 3 mains + a snack, with the goal of giving the digestive system breaks in between meals (digestion zaps us of a lot of energy!). In other words, you won’t feel the need to graze throughout the day. You may even find you have leftovers, which you can carry into the week! We’ll recommend ample water consumed throughout, as well as some supplements you may want to integrate on an ongoing basis. 

This time of year is quite damp and cold, so we’ve opted for mostly warming foods that boast healthy fats to support mood (especially necessary during winter months), antioxidants to reduce inflammation, fibre to support digestion and elimination, protein for muscle recovery and neurotransmitter production, and sulfur-rich foods to support detox pathways and antioxidant activity. 

Let’s dive into some of the key ingredients we’ll be playing with to support you in feeling well.

Breakfasts will be protein-rich and warming, paired anti-inflammatory berries and spices and healthy fats like tahini and chia seeds and coconut milk.

Lunches will also be warming and easy to warm stovetop: think spicy baked tofu, gut-loving kimchi, mineral rich nori, a delicious butternut squash and turmeric detox soup, and lots of cruciferous greens for the liver and skin. We’re salivating over here!

Dinners are satiating and packed with sautéed greens, sulfur-rich vegetables, coconut stew, warming protein like tempeh, lentils, salmon or quinoa, hemp, chia and pumpkin seeds, avocado and a nutritious vegetable based spaghetti…yes please. 

Snacks are tasty and a beautiful way to get more greens, protein and healthy fats into your day with edamame hummus, chocolate avocado mousse, green juice, and protein balls.

Each day will begin with an immunity shot featuring anti-inflammatory ginger, garlic and turmeric, and close with ginger turmeric tea to support digestion, calm the nervous system and reduce inflammation. 

When you pre-order, you’ll receive an e-mail to support your reset meals that will provide a daily breathwork, journaling prompt, podcast recos and other tools to support you for the three days and beyond. 

Enjoy three days to boost your energy, mental clarity and support mood and good sleeps. Any questions, let us know!

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Xo Trilby