The Everyday Cookie: Sustainable, Nutritious + Delicious

At TurF, we are firm believers that cookies are a health food. Okay, there’s a few caveats to that statement, but the point being: living a well, nourishing life can include the simple joys of baked goods and sweet treats, especially when prepared consciously with our cellular health AND taste buds in mind.

Meet the Everyday Cookie – named such because it’s hard to not eat everyday, and because it was developed with the intention to be sustainable, nutritious and delicious by TurF co-founder Deanne.

Being an athlete all her life, Deanne has always experimented with replacing ingredients that had low nutritional value (think refined foods like white flour, white sugar, oil etc.) with ingredients that she knew would fuel her to get up to big things. She noticed that while making homemade almond milk, she had a surplus of pulp that started to really pile up, which inspired her to add it into her baked goods. The addition of the almond pulp adds lots of fibre, which is critical to slowing the effects that sugar has on our blood sugar. It slows down the “spike”, which means we experience less of a “crash” after eating something like the fibre-rich Everyday Cookie. Our gut microbes are also big fans of fibre, and it helps keep us regular (hugely important for our overall vitality). 

The Everyday Cookie is packed with real food, with key ingredients like almond butter, ground almonds, ground oats, and almond pulp. There is no white flour - we grind real almonds and oats to create an extra nutritious flour... Plus it is low in refined sugar (but really doesn’t taste like it). That's why the Everyday Cookie is something you feel good to give to anyone as a daily treat.


…but back to Deanne and this charming story of how the Everyday Cookie came to be. Her chocolate chip cookies started attracting fans and people were always asking her to bring a batch (or three) to cottage weekends, beach hangs, dinners, birthdays etc., and that’s how it landed on the TurF menu on opening day. Today, we use the almond pulp from our in-house almond milk; sustainability is something we prioritize, which you’ll also see in our Grab + Go section where we repurpose surplus ingredients into tasty on-the-go offerings, as well as our “day old” baked goods that sell like hot-cakes. Wins all around. 

See for yourself and enjoy a cookie with your latte or smoothie the next time you’re in the bistro, or better yet, grab a 6 pack of Everyday Cookies from the Grab + Go section to bring to your next gathering. They are a guaranteed hit at any BBQ, potluck or beach hang. 

Enjoy – we know you will :)