Food For Fall

Fall is officially upon us, timed perfectly with the launch of our updated autumnal menu. If you’ve been following along our blog for awhile, you know that we love to dig into the why behind all that we do, whether it’s movement, products we carry, or the menu items we design and make with love. The theme for these Fall menu updates is WARMTH: warming spices, seasonal cooked root veg, and hot bowls. Our body (particularly digestion) does best when eating seasonally. Seasonal vegetables are at their prime, meaning they are nutrient rich and designed to be consumed! It’s also a great time to eat local as many fall and winter foods grow well in our climate. Fascinatingly, seasonal eating provides the right foods to be digested by the right microbes that inoculate the gut in a seasonal manner, which this study confirmed. 

Below, we’ll dive into some of our new menu highlights and how they can be nourishing additions to your weekly (or daily?) visit to the TurF Bistro. 

New: Big Energy Salad

Our cold weather take on a salad. We warm a green base up with seasonal root vegetables, protein-packed quinoa, grounding almond parmesan and a lemon tahini dressing. This salad is nourishing and satiating thanks to the perfect blend of protein, complex carbohydrates, fibre and healthy fats. A great option post-workout if you’re looking for something nourishing but not too heavy.

It’s back: Dude Chili'n 

A warming and spicy chilli made with chickpeas, kidney beans and black beans (YAY for protein and diverse fibre!). Corn and veggies add colour (antioxidants), nourishment and texture, and avocado adds some brightness and healthy fats. The chilli comes with a delicious piece of house-made gluten free cornbread for dipping.

More love for our guts

You can now add kimchi as a side to any TurF dish, adding a probiotic boost for your gut. Kimchi is one of the most effective ways to nourish gut flora, and pairs especially well with the Mushroom Ricotta Toast, our new Big Energy Salad, or with the TurF or Salmon Burger. Our kimchi is made in-house and adds a nice little flavour kick for your taste buds. 

Elevate your beverage with mushrooms

You can now add Rainbo Mushroom’s 11:11 tincture to any hot drink or smoothie! 11:11 boasts eleven medicinal mushrooms that are sustainably sourced and work synergistically to support the body in so many ways. Add this to your daily order for immune, adrenal, sleep and energy support.

We’re crazy for curry

As we are all too aware, fall and winter season in Vancouver is particularly damp and gives us chilled-to-the-bone vibes. Because of this, it’s especially important to shift to warming, hearty, comforting foods this time of year. Curry is a beautiful way to play with diverse ingredients, and we’re excited to offer a rotating TurF Curry daily, packed with seasonal veg and warming spices. Keep an eye out on our Instagram stories for the current rotation.

Our kitchen put a lot of care into these new additions, and we can’t wait to hear how the new updates land. And, if you’re as passionate about food and nourishment as we are, we’re currently looking to hire a Sous Chef to support our Head Chef, Kyra, the brains behind TurF’s Bistro vision. If the idea of working with Kyra lights you up, please send your resume to

Xo Trilby