your DREAM FRIDGE (aka TurF Grab + Go)

Not only has our Bistro menu had a Spring/Summer refresh, but our Grab + Go items have, too!

For us, spring is all about potential and growth: more light, more time spent outside, more play through sports, outdoor adventure and beach side gatherings, and often more weekend travel. Unlike winter, a time of cocooning and going inward, we’re blossoming! That means our schedules might get a little more social, our calendars more full, which is why the TurF grab + go is your solution to staying nourished in this more energizing, busy time of year.

The TurF Grab + Go was created to provide our community with healthy eats while on the go. What many don not know, though, is that it also serves a greater purpose of fighting food waste in our kitchen. Sustainability is something we prioritize, so we created our Grab + Go menu to repurpose surplus ingredients into tasty on-the-go offerings, as well as our “day old” baked goods that sell like hot-cakes. Wins all around. 

Here are some of our new + OG Grab + Go faves:

The TurF Friends Bowl: formerly known as the infamous Jennifer Aniston Salad: A protein and fibre rich salad that leaves me feeling satiated. 

The Granola Bowl: house-made granola, chia pudding, yoggu! yogurt, berry compote, almond butter + fresh berries. Truly a treat of a meal! 

The Chickpea Smash Sandwich: a vegan version of an egg salad sandwhich - but SO much better, in our opinion. 

The Power Bowl: the ultimate, complete + coloUrful meal. Get all of the veg, healthy fats, protein + probiotics in in one bowl. The Power Bowl is filled with greens, peppers, carrots, cabbage, sauerkraut, house-made tofu feta + hose-made edamame hummus, topped with a house-made turmeric dressing + sprouts. 

The Spicy Baked Tofu: a forever favourite. Add it to your own salad, bowl or stir-fry at home... or just eat it on its own. 

We hope you are as obsessed with our Grab + Go as we are..

P.S. How good looking is this fridge!? We're loving our beautiful new stickers from our favorite sticker maker!