TurF Programming: Cultivating a well-rounded routine

The TurF schedule is intentionally designed to cultivate a well-rounded practice; to be your one-stop-studio to activate and restore the body and mind, head to toe. With so many new faces to the studio, we wanted to provide some background as to how and why we built our studio schedule the way we did, and how each type of class can support you in different yet complimenting ways. 

Mondays are for meta

We start the week with a bang with high intensity, energetic movement. Think of this as an upgrade for your body to prepare for the week ahead. Just as we get prompts to upgrade our devices with the latest updates for them to function better, meta Mondays hit the reset button from the weekend and set the tone for the first day of the week (which, let’s be honest, usually requires the support of extra endorphins and dopamine). 

On Tuesdays, we lift weights

After a vigorous start to the week, we shift from the heart and lungs into our largest muscle groups with resistance training. TurF Strength classes are grounding, support our joints (which is necessary for us to excel at meta and other cardio endeavors), and provide the load bearing needed to build bone density and maintain muscle. We love Strength classes as we can really monitor our progress over time, witnessing ourselves slowly increasing our weight and improving our form with repetition and consistency. 

On Wednesdays, we stabilize

Wednesdays are for CORE – our low impact, Pilates-inspired class that integrates bodyweight, loop bands, yoga blocks and or squish balls. These classes are lengthening and strengthening, balancing out the slower rep range of Strength with lots of stability work featuring small movements, high repetition and big impact. Core connection is essential to proper form when it comes to both meta and Strength (and tennis, golf, cycling etc.), so this is a mid-week must that leaves you feeling toned, fresh and open (and not too sweaty!).

If you’re feeling some heart pumping movement, we’ve got our weekly Run Club with Kyle, every Wednesday at 5:30pm for a social 5km run (with a 3km option) and drinks after. It’s a highlight of the week full of community and connection and perfect for those who identify as “not a runner”. 

We ramp things back up on Thursdays 

Feeling strong, connected and aligned, we dive back into the cardiovascular challenge of meta. We’ve got a mix of 45 min and 60 min classes, and our 5:15pm is a great intro to meta, with the first half offering classic meta sequences, followed by a long stretch and meditation (unofficially known as the meta & chill club). In other words, there’s something for everyone. 

Free flowing Fridays!

Fridays offer a whole mix of movement styles depending on what your body is craving towards the end of the week. We take Fridays to integrate collaboration classes, which often rotate and change up seasonally. Currently, we’ve got Kyle’s Impact Running x TurF Strength class which is a strength & conditioning class designed to support your cardio endeavors (but just until September!), there’s Genieve’s Mobilization Nation is you’re looking for something more yoga inspired and restorative, Genieve’s meta x Mobilization Nation for something more fiery, or Meg’s Full Fire which offers a blend of cardio & strength. In the evening, you might catch a Ride Training Club class or special workshop offering, which is a great way to spend your Friday night. 

Weekends: choose your own adventure!

Our weekend classes give you all kinds of options to fit with your weekend plans. Got late morning commitments? Join for an 8am class and kick start your day with Strength. Feeling a little sleep in or a slow morning? Join for a 9:30am, 11am or 12:30pm class, stay for brunch, and end the week on a high note. P.S. Genieve will be offering YOGA Sunday evenings beginning this Fall if you want to ease yourself into the new week ahead. 

Keep an eye on our schedule for special monthly offerings too, such as CORE & Restore which offers 45 min of core followed by a juicy stretch and meditation, or join for a soundbath, goal setting workshop or breathwork session. Keep an eye on our Instagram and newsletter for what’s happening each month. 

To get to know our current classes, check out our Class Descriptions. You can book into a class via our Class Schedule here. And remember – TurF Digital has 200+ classes of all lengths and varieties, so you can always tune in to an on-demand class if you’re craving something off-schedule :)

xo Trilby