Bangin' Bannock: OG MIX


Bannock is a favourite food of the Indigenous peoples. Since food is an expression of culture and all cultures share the love of food, this common bond is a good place to start to learn about each other's culture. 

Support a local, woman-owned indigenous business + learn about indigenous culture by making your own Bannock from Bangin' Bannock!

Click here for recipes!

About Bangin' Bannock's founder, Destiny:

I am of mixed descent of Indigenous and Caucasian. I am Assiniboine from White Bear on my mother's side and mixed Caucasian on my father's side. I am a proud mother to my three beautiful children. I was born and raised in British Columbia. My home is in Vancouver on the traditional unceded territory of the Coast Salish People of Tsleil-Waututh, Squamish, and Musqueam. I want to give thanks to the Coast Salish People for the land I was raised on and currently occupy.

I aspire to become a part of a generation that begins to heal from intergenerational trauma and learn my Indigenous culture. I strive to provide an environment for my children to flourish and be proud of their identity. My determination and motivation are rooted in the hardship I not only witnessed but experienced throughout my childhood, adolescents, and into my early adulthood. I previously studied for my Bachelor of Social Work, but motherhood has sparked my journey into entrepreneurship as a way to be home with my young children.

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