Our class schedule is designed to cover all of your workout needs – there's something for everyone. 
Whether you're looking to stretch, strengthen, open or reset, we've got you covered. See below for our complete list of class offerings hosted at both TurF KITS & TurF DWTN.


met.a BAND

A movement class that combines cardio (think jumping jacks, burpees and climbers) with band work. We focus on opening up the body, building strength and experiencing a physical release. This class uses resistance bands and bodyweight exercises in high repetition to achieve an intense sweat and heightened sense of one's body. Full body and taught in levels – great for beginner sweat enthusiasts and athletes alike.


met.a PILATES is a 60 min full-body pilates based workout. We use pilates rings and resistance loops to build strength and to lengthen and balance the body. Being in alignment requires building balanced strength in all areas of the body and also creating a balance between work and rest portions of class. We work through 45-50 mins of class on the mat (with a heavy emphasis on breath) and then spend the last 10-15 mins landing in a beautiful stretch for the body, followed by a seated meditation.

met.a SCULPT

met.a SCULPT is a full body workout class that is structured similar to a strength class – in blocks, with each block having a cardio component. We use a variety of equipment (bands, pilates balls, hand/ankle weights, etc) and we work to exhaust each muscle group.

TurF Strength

Our TurF Strength workout starts with a 5-8 min warmup, with a few variations for the strength component. We'll either do 20-30 minutes of strength training work as a group or solo followed by 10 minutes of HIIT or Tabata circuits, or we'll go into non-stop movement moving between distinct muscle groups. Full-body and open to all levels.

Strength + Sweat

Whatever you’re training for, be prepared for a major sweat in this hour-long strength and conditioning class. High-intensity intervals, dynamic strength training, bodyweight resistance exercises, functional movement drills, athletic conditioning, stability challenges – we pack a variety of methods and tools into every class to challenge the body and elevate your game week after week. Full-body and open to all levels.


Full-body, fast paced circuit class. Expect to use a variety of equipment and body parts in this class. You will burn out all major muscle groups and also enjoy all the benefits of a met.a style class. All met.a classes are designed to give our students the opportunity to see more for themselves than they thought possible.  Come check out a class to see what we mean! 

met.a Yoga

met.a YOGA is a full body recovery yoga class. The goal of the class is to allow the body to recover - both physically (on a muscular level) and on a deeper cellular level (the nervous system). We use strength, intentional breath practices, and stillness to achieve this. We believe that in fully recovering the body we are able to fully perform in our daily lives.

The Class by Taryn Toomey

The Class by Taryn Toomey is a practice of self study through physical conditioning.

Through simple, repetitive calisthenics and plyometrics, participants challenge the body to engage the mind. With guided instruction and carefully curated music, this Class invites students to witness their resistance to discomfort. The result is an expansive, heart-opening, body-strengthening release. This music-driven, mat-based Class will challenge and enlighten you all while building an incredibly strong, lean, resilient body. You will find that you are much stronger than you thought.

Box + Bells

In this class we workout in 10 three-minute rounds either boxing or using dumbbells. This full-body class is designed to work on both strength and endurance and will leave you feeling energized (and maybe a little spent). Reminder for all students to bring hand wraps if you prefer to use them.

Yoga Sculpt

When muscle meets yoga, Yoga Sculpt is born. Boost your metabolism and build lean muscle mass as you move to upbeat tracks. We combine free weights with sequencing and cardio to intensify each yoga pose while mixing in strength-training moves like squats, lunges and bicep curls. This class is musically-driven and will have you feeling like you just walked out of a dance party. Full-body and open to all levels – you'll work up a serious sweat in this one.


Fluidity and seamless movements builds a deceptive intensity in this class. We work the entire body, with an emphasis on arms & core, diving into sensation to keep you fully present. This class offers a unique blend of Pilates, Yoga & Free Movement – an untangling of the mind/body/soul.


A MISFITMETHOD class designed to build strength in the lower body through lots of glute WERK! Think hip rolls, dips, lifts and squats, combined with signature misfitmethod movement sequences + lots of core work. This class works the abdominals and lower half, and you can make it as intense as you like. Choose modifications to give you a subtle burn, or GO FOR IT for a full on sweat.


A MISFITMETHOD class designed to soothe. An hour to tune in and wind down. We warm things up with a little work, so you’re open for flowing, active stretching and a deep release. An emphasis on soothing the physical, emotional and energetic body. 


A powerful movement class grounded in cultivating joy, lightness and freedom in the body. Be prepared to sweat, move and dance your way to pure bliss to a soul-awakening, heart-pumping playlist.

The A.S.S Class

The Absolutely Sleek & Solid Class (also known as the A.S.S Class) is a journey through the elongation and toning of your lower body muscles. In 60 minutes, you'll build stamina and a strong booty through bodyweight exercises, and we'll incorporate light dumbbells, gliders, yoga blocks, resistance bands, and stretching. We set an intention for every class and focus on breath, posture, and alignment throughout the movement.

In A.W

A.W= ankle weights
Experience the ultimate combination of length and stretch with total body chiseling moves.
This 50 min class is sequenced in an elegant flow for mind and breath all while elongating, sculpting and strengthening your entire body using ankle weights, small resistance bands, and pilates balls.
The ankle weights will achieve long, strong and flexible muscles, adding cardio and exploring exercises with more full range of motions…hitting all the right angles! This class can be done without ankle weights too, all levels welcome.

The Whole Body

A challenging, full-body workout comprised of high-intensity interval training, body-resistance, weight training, and Pilates to strengthen and elongate muscles. We incorporate elements of yoga asana and pranayama to give you an opportunity to reset, stretch and connect. The class is great for all levels, and especially for those looking to balance out an intensive training program.