Taren Grewall

Taren’s passion for movement - specifically for strength training and Pilates - comes from an understanding that movement does not just physically affect our bodies, but it also has the ability to drive our mental and emotional well-being. During the stages of Taren’s life where she felt like I had no control (through times of loss and challenges with mental health), she found that she always had control in her movement and in her strength. When she discovered this sense of agency in movement, she also found compassion for herself.  Taren uses her own journey as the basis for how the body reacts to popular training and nutritional techniques - with an underlying understanding that each body and each Human is different. Taren specializes in strength, conditioning, Pilates and rehabilitation through her practice as a Kinesiologist. She has a specialized approach to training the female body (menstrual cycles, pre-post natal, fertility and infertility, etc.) and focuses on how each body moves through their own individual journey in their own unique way. 

With over 10 years of experience in the strength and personal training industry and knowledge in Pilates, Taren co-founded the House of A la Ligne; a Pilates-based movement platform. She found herself wanting to combine her experience in both of these modalities along with her own personal journey, to co-curate a Strength Training program that brings in all elements of her practice as a trainer and her goal to empower other humans to find their strength and connection to self through movement. Enter the TurF x A La Ligne Strength program.