Katie McKenzie

Katie's lived experience has been a journey that has moved, shifted, changed, contracted and expanded. Her journey has been a balancing act of soft and strong: a concept which deeply influences her approach to movement instruction. 

Originally, Katie's movement practice was all fire: a combination of TRX, HIIT and functional movement. But Katie's movement practice shifted seven years ago, when she became a mother. She realized that the way that she moved, treated and held her body did not reflect how she wanted her children to see themselves, and learned that finding self-love through compassion, kindness and breath was what brought about true internal strength and power.

From then onward, Katie began to shift her movement practice. She received her Pilates certification, deepened her knowledge in pre and post natal movement and adjusted her personal practice to move her body in a more safe and loving way. This led to the creation of the A La Ligne Method of Pilates: a method that combines Katie's experience as a Reiki practitioner, Qi Gong student, and master Pilates instructor with a deep understanding of the anatomy of the breath and the pelvic floor.

In her practice, Katie shows up unapologetically as herself. She brings in her smile and her positive energy to the mat every time in hope of changing how someone feels themselves in wellness.