Anna Farrant

Anna started her journey into fitness when she began boxing in 2008 as a way to relieve stress from work. Through boxing she fell in love with movement finding it therapeutic both mentally and physically. She co-founded All City Athletics, a boutique boxing studio located in Gastown in 2014 and recently moved on to pursue other mediums such as Pilates & strength training.

Her training style is a balance between knowing when to push and when to pull back. One of her greatest joys is creating an experience through movement that allows her clients to connect to exercise in a way that’s fun and accessible. 

As a certified personal trainer for the last 7 years Anna decided to partner up with A La Ligne to co-curate a strength training program that brings together all the elements of her personal practices when it comes to movement and what it means to be strong - breath, alignment, connection, power, challenge and fire.