Today, we explore how breath deepens the mind and body connection through a simple yet powerful breathwork exercise.

As we dove into the anatomy of breathing in Part 1, we learned that in order to do any type of breath manipulation, we must pull focus away from our thoughts to our lungs. This is to create a “reset” or pause in the brain, especially when it is on overdrive (and in our society, that’s more often than not). Doing some fiery breathing can also change the chemistry of the brain, changing the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide, which creates a blank canvas for new thoughts. Consider practicing fiery breathing before a creative brainstorm or presentation to rejuvenate your mind.

On the flip side, conscious breathing can calm repetitive or anxious thoughts. Genieve shares a 3 Part Breathwork Exercise perfect for meditation and relaxation because it enables you to focus on a singular task.


Take a comfortable position lying on your back. Bend your knees and place your feet on the floor so your back can relax. To prepare the body to enter the parasympathetic nervous system, take 10 equal length inhales and exhales. This should take around 2 minutes.

Begin the 3-part breath on an exhale. When you inhale, imagine filling your body with air in three different compartments (this is not happening anatomically, but the visualization is important).

  1. First take a small inhale and fill your bottom third of your torso, from the pubic bone to the navel, see this area rise
  2. Take a second inhale (no exhale in between) and fill the middle part of your torso, from your navel to bottom of your sternum
  3. Take a third inhale (still no exhale) and fill your upper ribs up to your collarbones.
  4. Open your mouth and take a big exhale This exercise will use a greater surface area of your lungs, exercise the diaphragm, core muscles and accessory muscles of breath.
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