This is the story of the creation of met.a – the TurF Signature Class Program.

I’ve been an athlete my whole life and spent many years in my twenties running, surfing and doing any and all “hard core" workouts that I could find. I have always been someone who has been passionate about my own health journey and curious to test new things trying to get to my own peak performance. As I got into my thirties I started to feel depleted and tired. I wasn’t seeing results for all the hours that I was putting in despite my effort level. On top of that I wasn’t sleeping well at night and my nervous system seemed to be working in overdrive.

When I was deciding to join TurF I realized that both Delaney and Deanne had similar experiences with their workouts and we were all looking for a workout that would give results and not leave us feeling drained. On top of that we were all looking for something deeper in our workouts – something that created integrity in our bodies and in our lives, and built a powerful community. met.a was created on this foundation – a workout that would give you results, leave you feeling like the tank was full versus empty, created community and a class that was less transaction and more transformation.

meta: translates into a change in state and can also refer to a higher or second order thus the met.a class program was born.

All met.a classes are designed to deliver this ideal – a class that is a balance between work and rest, fun, community, and reflection, that gives you so much more than just checking off the workout box. My own health journey continues and although not perfect I feel happier, more energetic and more connected to my own self and to the world around me.

If you haven’t already had the opportunity to check out a met.a class please check out the class schedule. My hope is that you enjoy these classes as much as I do and that you experience what they have been created to do.