New Menu: Spring/Summer '23

TurF opened its doors over six years ago with the goal to empower people to live a life that is enormous. Part of this includes eating nourishing, seasonal whole foods to support our bodies and minds doing the things we love, and to create a space where people can workout, hangout and takeout in community. As we shift into the new season of Spring, you’ll notice our menu shifting as well. For us, spring is all about potential and growth: more light, more time spent outside, more play through sports, outdoor adventure and beach side gatherings, and often more weekend travel. Unlike winter, a time of cocooning and going inward, we’re blossoming! That means our schedules might get a little more social, our calendars more full, which is why we’ve chosen to offer a simple and thoughtful menu to support you in staying nourished in this more energizing time of year.

Our spring/summer menu items are designed to fit into your spring/summer lifestyle – nutritionally dense, fulfilling, and easy to pack-up for the beach, hike or cabin. Think refreshing new smoothies and smoothie bowl options, cold oats, and bowls and toasts designed to offer lots of protein and antioxidants to support an active, sun-soaked lifestyle. Many of our new items are evolved versions of past classics, like the Greens All Day, Kimchi toast and Oat of Control bowl. We’ve consciously designed these new offerings to minimize food waste, something we’ve been passionate about since day one. 

Spotlight: The Golden Immunity Smoothie

An anti-inflammatory and hydrating powerhouse of tropical fruit, turmeric, ginger and coconut water. This is going to go down so nicely after a spicy meta class or post-seawall run. 

P.S. You’ll notice all of our smoothies are now colour coded for ease of ordering, and all can be made into a smoothie bowl topped with TurF granola, hemp seeds and berries. You can also elevate any smoothie or smoothie bowl with some extra nourishment through superfood add ons like Rainbo medicinal mushrooms, nut butter, maca, bee pollen, ashwagandha, goji berries and more. 

Spotlight: Quinoa Crunch Bowl

A fresh and vibrant quinoa bowl topped with cabbage, carrot, edamame, peppers, greens, green onion and a spicy peanut dressing. You can always top it with a protein add on like egg or salmon, or add some probiotics with house-made kimchi. Perfect for watching the sunset at the beach or packing up for your post hike fuel. 

You may also have noticed that we’re offering more and more TurF Bakery and Grab + Go items beyond the bistro, such as at Body Energy Club and Kits Eye Care Cafe on Cornwall! We’ll continue to expand our offerings so that you that you can find more of us all over the city.

We can’t wait to hear how our new Spring/Summer menu lands! And don’t worry – the beloved Protein Pancakes are here to stay – we know how much you love your weekend stack!