Move from anywhere, anytime. A series of MISFITSTUDIO Classes Available Online Only. 

Get Released  

An hour to tune in, wind down and soothe yourself. We warm things up with a little work, so you’re open for flowing, active stretching, breathwork and self massage. Get Released is all about nourishing the physical body, to ultimately feel replenished emotionally and energetically. Props: squish ball.

Get Worked 

Movement inspired by yoga and pilates that focuses on the upper half – think lots of core, small weights for arms, and plenty of opportunities to untangle tension. Props: squish ball + small weights.

Get Hot 

Cardio movement with a misfit twist – fun sequences to lift your heart and get your sweat on. 

Get Lifted 

We work the upper and lower body equally, with emphasis on building core strength through yoga and pilates inspired movement. Props: squish ball + small weights.

Get Lengthened 

This is the way your body wants to move. Combining standing shapes, lateral openings and deep full body stretches. A creative way to open you up, nourish the entire body, breathe slow, move intentionally, release the physical body to connect to the emotional body and learn how to soothe yourself WITH yourself.

A beautiful ride, weaving in yoga, pilates and dance in a high-paced sequenced flow that requires attention, focus + awareness. Sound vibration helps to clear out the heat. Props: squish ball + small weights.